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Tonawanda, NY 14150

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In Honor Of...

Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels has been
helping neighbors in need
since the fall of 1977!

In 2016 we served over  91,000 meals to over 500 different residents of the                                                Town of Tonawanda and Village of Kenmore.

In 2016 we had over 200 people who volunteered their time either in the kitchen or as a driver/server.

In 2016 we served meals to a home on every third street in Ken-Ton.

Consider for a moment the size and population of our town,  and you can quickly see that most likely you have a family member or a good friend who is involved in our program now as either a client or volunteer.

Consider further the decades long service we have provided and most definitely you will find that you have someone in your life who has been a part of our family as a volunteer, a client or in some cases both.

You can honor that someone, if you choose, by making a donation in their honor.

When you choose to honor someone, we will follow up with a confirmation letter to you, a letter to the person or the family of the person you are honoring and a posting on our honor roll here on our website.

You can see our 2017 Honor Wall by clicking here

You can see our 2016 Honor Wall by clicking here

You can see our 2015 Honor Wall by clicking here

To make a donation in honor of someone, click the donate button below and include the person your are donating in honor of in the notes section on the bottom right side of the PayPal page when processing the payment. 

If you have any questions you can call the Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels office at 874-3595 or email our Executive Director Dan Wiles at dan@ktmeals.org

A copy of the donation form can be found by clicking here

How To Help Options

"Your volunteer went way above and beyond when they found my mom had fallen and broke her hip. We cannot thank you enough for all you do!"