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National Pi Day Promotion

March 14, 2015

National Pi Day Promotion

Do you remember learning about pi in math class?

Divide 22 by 7 and you get an unending number, 3.142857 with the .142857 repeating to infinity. Well take the 3.14 and you get March 14th which we now celebrate as National Pi Day,

For Ken-Ton Meals on Wheels though, it's Pie Day! Our good friends at Sweet Beginnings have stepped up once again and they will sell pies (and other baked goods if pie is not your downfall) of all kinds and all sizes on Saturday the 14th of March. They will have a donation bin on the counter for KTMOW and ask that you give $1.00 for each pie or sweet you buy.

So celebrate National Pi Day the best way possible, with a great slice of pie from Sweet Beginnings.

Please call Sweet Beginnings at 875-1431 to order your pie to be sure your favorite is in stock.

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